Love Story | A perspective on love

A perspective on love:


“I miss the way you used to make me feel. How we used to talk on the phone for hours every night until my ears burned and ached. We were so young, and I had not yet learnt how to love. Young and reckless, those were the days. When it came to the future, we never talked to much about it. I could tell you had envisioned one where you and I would be together. You know, the typical story of how girl meets boy, falls in love, they marry, then they move to the city and have three kids. Just like the way your parents and mine did.

But it doesn’t happen in this life.

I’m sure there is a universe out there where our story is a happy one. Do I think about you still? I’m a nostalgic person, its kind of inevitable. Something as simple as a single postcard would trigger memories, and for a fleeting moment, I’d wonder into that space in my mind where I think of all the possible outcomes of every life-changing moment.

But this is my life in this life.

One without you- without us. And that’s fine by me cause I’m happy just believing that there is a universe where we’re meeting for the first time again.”

With love…


Photographer: Irwin Chan (@irwinsychan)