Outfit | Baby it’s cold outside

Welcome to my blog and my very first outfit post!

As I’m posting this, the end of January is upon us, and I’m finally settling back into my (not so?) ordinary life in Hong Kong after a wicked holiday in Sydney and New Zealand. Perhaps I should have started my first blog post with a focus on new year, new me-type resolutions; however, I’ve managed to break them all within the first month of the year, and at this point its better to accept my failures and just move on (Maybe I could  I try again for Chinese New Year? ).

I wanted to start on a positive note. Most of you would probably know me from my Instagram account (@missjanni), and thank you for being a part of my Instagram-family. In the half year since I’ve started my Instagram account, I’ve made so many genuine friends, and even got to hang out with a few of you in real life! With that being said,  I’d like to kick off the first of a series of posts dedicated to the friends I’ve collaborated with in 2016 with my most recent shoot with Arthur Yue (@arthuryuee).

Here’s to many more awesome and weird times in 2017!!! *Insert Beer Clashing Emoji*



Photographer: @arthuryuee

Faux Fur Jacket: Poppy Lover’s Fashion (asos marketplace)

Sweatpants: Moschino (shopbop)

Shoes: Public Desire

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